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Corvallis Oregon Senior Photographer


Senior year is one of the most memorable years of your life. You are entering adulthood. A new chapter in your life.  This is an important milestone that you want to capture with beautiful photographs,  that show you as your authentic self.

Let us help you do this! We understand that in order to capture you, we need to know you.  That is why we meet with you in our studio well before the shoot and listen to you and what you want. Together, we craft creative ideas of the perfect setting, location, time of day, and props to create images that are not only stunning, but a reflection of you.

Since we have already met and laughed together, the day of the shoot will be very relaxed, fun, and low stress.  Don’t worry about awkward posing, or what to do, we will guide you naturally through this. Most of our pictures that the seniors love are the ones where they are enjoying themselves, and not focused on the camera.

A few weeks after the shoot, your pictures will be revealed to you and your parents in a slideshow set to music at our studio.  It is here, you will let us know your favorites so we can compile a perfect keepsake album, or create heirloom wall art for yourself and family.

Although Transitions in Time is located in Corvallis, Oregon and serves Benton County, we can travel for your senior photography. Other areas we serve are Eugene, Salem, Albany, Linn County, and the Oregon Coast. If you would like us to travel to your favorite places in Oregon, give us a call.

Let us earn your trust and make this special moment that you will want to relive forever through photography!

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Near Anchorage, Alaska
We love shooting country portrait photography.
Corvallis Graduate posing for their senior photos.
Why Transitions in Time?


Transitions in Time has a different philosophy behind senior portraits. Our company's senior photography based in Corvallis, Benton County, and surrounding areas in Oregon is founded on the principle that great photography need to be seen and felt with your hands, eyes, and heart.
We believe this important milestone should be remembered on the walls of yours or a loved one's home, using our award-winning in-house archival printing process that lasts for generations.
You parents will want a world-class album, proudly displayed and enjoyed, not just digital files stored away on your computer’s hard drive.

Near Anchorage, Alaska

We have found the only way to accomplish these ideals is to get to know you and the type of photography you value before your shoot in our initial in-studio meeting. Here we will look at imagery you enjoy and talk about the details of the shoot day.
This will not only allow us to capture images that mark this important stage in your life, but also makes the shoot day very relaxed and fun. Even if you are "camera shy".
Let us earn your trust… contact us today for an initial consultation!

Corvallis Oregon Senior Photography
In-Person Consultation
In-Person Consultation

If you can’t meet your photographers until the day of the shoot, how will you know that they understand your vision? We take the time to meet you and learn about what you value. We walk through the whole process with you, so you are never left wondering if we understand what is most important to you.

Corvallis Oregon Senior Photography
Day of the Shoot
Day of the Shoot

Our goal for the shoot day is to have a great time. Don't worry about awkward poses, where to look, or when to smile. We create a very relaxing, non judgemental senior session, that by its very nature, lets us capture an authentic you.
We pride ourselves in our creativity, and the ability to set up stunning shots of you that you didn't even know was possible.

Corvallis Oregon Senior Photography
Photographer's "Eye"
Photographer's "Eye"

The photographer's eye takes years to achieve; it is the art of looking at a scene and instinctively knowing where to be and how to frame the picture. The photographer's eye also refers to posing and how to work with people so that every pose is comfortable and highlights their natural beauty.

Corvallis Oregon Senior Photography
After the Shoot
After the Shoot

Once the shoot is over, we take the time to personally edit your photos to provide you with gorgeous digital photos, physical photos, wall art, and customized albums. Then, we meet in person at our Corvallis studio to show you your pictures, set to music, and help with any questions you may have about wall art and albums, such as setting them up and maintaining them.

Corvallis Oregon Senior Photography

Printing wall art is a skill in itself. There has to be planning before and after the shoot. Because of our initial consultation, we know what you value most. That way, during the shoot, we make sure we capture the shot you want to hang on your wall. We go the extra mile and print the wall art ourselves at our Corvallis print studio. Owning a studio gives us an advantage as we know the best ink and paper that fits the images and 100% control the quality of the product.

Corvallis Oregon Senior Photography

Show off your personality with an album created by skilled artisans. Available in various combinations, we ensure that every album is just as unique and authentic as you. Unlike ordering an unknown album online, you and your parents can feel and see every cover material, paper type, and other options at our convenient downtown Corvallis location.

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From the initial interview to gage her personality to the full day of photography to the big reveal... such a pleasurable and memorable time for all of us.

K. Slayden

Nothing in life is impossible as long as you take that first step.

I will face any storm with you by my side. For without you, I am lost forever.

Senior getting ready for photoshoot by applying makeup

In-Person Consultation

A senior shoot is about you as an individual. It shows your progression in adulthood, highlights your authentic personality, and most importantly, what you want! Each person is different, and with that, each senior shoot should be different. We are not a “shoot-and-burn” factory; we take the time to understand what you want and what type of photography inspires you. These pictures are meant to be seen for years to come, and for a photo to hold meaning, it has to be unique to the person it is made for.

The first step in our process is to meet with you and your family at our Corvallis studio. We talk about your story, the type of photography you prefer, and what is authentic to you during our consultation. If you love a specific sport, craft, or instrument, this is the time to share that. We love when seniors bring their props, as it is an excellent opportunity to take photos of you in your element! If you have a mood board on Pinterest or poster board, show us and share what you like. If you need inspiration, check out our Pinterest account for different ideas that you may like.

The main goal of your consultation is to understand you, as your preferences shape how we work!



Amazing senior photos shouldn’t be stuck on a computer drive.  Show off your special moment with an heirloom album, custom-made by you for the family. 

Shelf Wood

Our albums are designed with a photojournalistic style; this means that we are not only focused on the mood of each image but the overarching story of your senior. During this editing phase, we keep a priority on personality, details, and fun. Once we have it designed, we consult with you and see if you have any changes.

After the designing phase, we start the creation process. While we don’t physically create the albums in-house as we do for prints, we work with a manufacturing company we feel is the best. We found our album manufacturer by searching through multiple trade shows to determine the quality of each album manufacturer. We picked the one that hands-down was the best, both in binding, quality of materials, and the quality of the prints within. 

Your wedding is more than just images on a thumb drive. It is an experience; we take the time to capture all the emotions you felt and memories you had during those incredible moments.


The Photographer's Eye


The difference between award-winning shots and ones most people take on their camera phones is the trained “eye.”  We know the difference between a boring shot and an exciting one.  It’s not only being there at the right moment but also having the right composition that tells the story perfectly.

Composition is critical depending on what you wanted whether that is an album or wall art. You have to shoot with a purpose. The picture composition for a wall art piece may not work for both pages of an album.  We make sure we capture both so we can use images in a variety of formats.

Our photographers know beforehand which shots are needed and when is the best time to get them. All the stress is off your shoulders and onto ours. What we look for is how each pose, natural or assisted, compliments you.

We watch for clothing positions, puckered lips, unflattering angles, and other awkward expressions. It doesn’t matter if you are a model or camera shy, we will make you look 100% amazing.

We give as much direction as you need to create fun, comfortable, and beautiful images. Our goal is to find the moments when you forget we are there because you are enjoying the moment. Those are the memory you want, and those are the authentic moments we capture.

Printing Memories

Why it is important

We believe that photography shouldn’t just be on the computer but also experienced and held every day. While we provide digital images, we don’t just stop there; we create memories through wall art. We can make wall-art both big and small at reasonable prices.

Imagine how happy your Mom, Dad, or Grandparents will be getting a beautiful picture of you entering adulthood. While it might not seem like a lot to you, framed photos on the wall are what parents love, especially when their child is about to start their life journey. Parents and grandparents want to see your transitions through life, from a baby to an adult and eventually your own family. It’s a physical reminder of who you are currently, and it brings a smile to their faces every time they walk by your photos hanging on the wall.

This is the power of wall art.  If you only have digital files, you do not have the full experience.

Highschool Senior getting photo album pictures taken

Other photographers may know how to take a picture, but that’s where their knowledge stops. You can send it to Wal-Mart or an online lab to get it printed, but how are you assured the picture will come back as beautiful as it could be?  We have not had good luck with lab-printed images.  Yes, they can be cheap, but you get what you pay for most of the time.


On the other hand, Transitions in Time does our printing in-house on our color-calibrated large format printers.  We also mount the print to the backing board to be displayed or taken to a frame shop for framing.  Our in-house canvases are also an excellent option.


We have many choices of archival paper to match the image itself.  We also use only archival ink in our printers. This is important as wall art should last for generations and hold its color and shape.

Christmas Card Family Photography

Day of the Shoot


If you or your child are worried about the camera at all, we are not doing our job right!

During your shoot, we want you to enjoy the process. If you or your parents are worried about the camera at all, we are not doing our job right. We can go to one or multiple locations based on our conversations during our pre-consultation. During the change of areas, it is advised to bring a few changes of clothes for aesthetic purposes and comfort depending on the weather. We pride ourselves on understanding you before the shoot, so we can capture everything you actually want!

Sometimes a new burst of inspiration comes when we are on location, this is both normal and exciting! We are more than happy to add shots if you want to try something new or have a few ideas when shooting.

This photoshoot is not about us; it is about you. We take the time to make sure that you are having the best experience possible. On this day, you are the star with all cameras pointed at you, highlighting your growth, maturity, and energy.

We take more than enough photos at every location so that every idea, pose, and action shot is well documented for you to look back on for the years to come.

After Your Shoot


After your shoot is when the magic starts to happen; while you are getting ready for the next stage in your life, we are hard at work going through each image and finding the ones that match your dreams and your story.

After we are done editing your pictures, we will arrange to meet at our downtown Corvallis studio to reveal them to you on our large 75” flat screen. Then, with you and your parents, we provide beverages and snacks, and let you relive your senior shoot with a slideshow set to music.

You’ll then have the opportunity to choose which images you like for potential wall-art or albums.  We give you ideas for wall-art collections, but the images, style, and collections all come from you.  You also can touch and feel all of our in-house album samples and choose cover materials, colors, page types, and the general design of the album.  We are the only ones in the area that offer this ability!

We will do an initial digital proof for Albums and prints so you can see exactly what we designed.  You can make changes at this point, and only after you approve them do they go to print.  Albums and prints are usually available about 2-4 weeks after this point.

Once your wall art and albums are done being processed, we can either meet at the studio again or hand-deliver and install the prints at your location.

Picture Perfect Photograph of Senior and her Horse

“If you didn’t have fun at your shoot, we didn’t do our job!”

Scott Kemp – Owner

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Our prices start with a $199 sitting fee. If you are happy with the proofs, we have $750 minimum order of either albums or prints. Once this minimum is met, you will receive digital photos as well. Including wall-art and albums, most clients spend between $750 and $1,500+.


Read our FAQ here first. If these don’t answer your questions, then please Contact Us.

First, we feel we create amazing imagery.  Second, we take the time to get to know you before your shoot to break the ice and to learn exactly the type of photos you are looking for.  Third, we offer in-house award winning prints and albums.

Our goal is to have your edited pictures ready in 2-4 weeks for presentation.

After the images are presented to you in person at our Corvallis studio, we deliver all the images at up to 2500 pixels via a web gallery where you can select your favorites and download the images.

We take check or credit cards.  $199 is due at the time of booking to reserve the slot and is non-refundable.  Remaining costs are due at the time of purchase.

If cancelled more than four weeks before the shoot, the non-refundable $199 sitting fee can be moved to a future date, assuming photographer availability. If you are less than four weeks, unfortunately you will lose your deposit

We will reschedule at not cost to you.

We do color correction, and light retouching for the digitial delivery.  Any pictures that are used in prints or albums receive full retouching.  If you have major retouching needed, that can be accommodated on an hourly basis.

We normally deliver between 50 and 100 images.

Absolutely. We encourage seniors to bring multiple changes of clothes. Remember to bring some to stay warm if the weather is cold between shots.

The primary photographer and an assistant will be available.