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Why Transitions in Time

Transitions in Time is the leading Family and Wedding Photography and Videography service in Corvallis and Benton County, Oregon. Our team has a diverse background, from working on commercial quality video production to winning photography competitions. Having multiple specialized artisans gives us a distinct advantage above other photographers. When we shoot, we can analyze every shot to find which composition and angle highlight our subject’s natural beauty and tell their personal story. We are not just photographers… we are artists coming together to create elegant art pieces.

If you have any questions about our Corvallis Photography or Videography, please feel free to contact us anytime. Also, if you are in Benton County, we would love to show you the studio and some sample prints and albums.

Our primary goal at Transitions in Time… 

to tell your story.

Memories are important

Life is not about the money you have, the cars you drive, or how big your house is. It is about Family. It is about leaving the world a better place than you found it. It’s those visual memories that will get passed down to future generations that matter.

Do you remember how much money your Parents had 40 years ago? Or do you relive a moment sitting on your grandfather’s lap out camping, that your mother took a picture of?  Photographs and videos help us capture those moments in time between us, and tell your story to those who follow in your footsteps.

Not only is he the epitome of professionalism, we felt such comfort and ease while working with Scott. He is incredibly creative in his visions; ideas we didn't know until seeing the final products.

From the initial interview to gage her personality to the full day of photography to the big reveal... such a pleasurable and memorable time for all of us.

This couple is enjoying some private time before their big moment.

Engagement and Wedding Photographer

Each wedding is as unique as the couple is. Our process starts by getting to know you and your partner before we take the first picture. Too often, photographers will take photos without knowing what their clients like and care about. We take the time to have an in-person consultation to know what type of photos you would like to see hanging on your wall or in an heirloom album.

Once you feel comfortable working with us, we plan out your wedding photography based on our conversation and bring world-class gear to the shoots. Depending on the situation, it is better to have unobtrusive equipment to take candid pictures of guests enjoying themselves. Other times, it’s better to set up lighting and use more advanced lenses, this way, you’re able to get that perfect sunset silhouette photo.

The process doesn’t end after the big day is over.  Most wedding photographers simply deliver a digital gallery and call it a day.  After we are done processing the photos (and optional videos), we have you come back in for a “Reveal”.  If we have done our job, you will want to memorialize your epic shots by having us print them with our own large format printers for a beautiful wall-art display.  Or go through many sample albums and choose the design for your custom heirloom album.

We deliver more than just pictures.  We give you a personalized experience, beautiful images, and prints, and albums that you can easily share with your friends and family.

Family Photographer


Family photos shouldn’t be stuck on a computer drive.  Experience the memories with custom wall-art made for you. 

When it comes to family photography, we focus on the emotions and connections between you and your family. While other photographers may take photos that they think will be nice, we talk with you and find out what type of pictures you like. We can accommodate outdoor shoots at your favorite location, or indoor shots in your home or our studio.

The point of photography is to be able to look at it repeatedly to relive the emotions you felt during that moment. We know what that feeling is like, and that is why we make every photography session about you and your preferences.

Have a group of friends that are “Family?”  Memorialize that perfect birthday party with great photography.


After trying new wine at a local winery a group photo was taken. Photo taken by local photographer in Corvallis.
Having fun taking photos for an album with her horse in Corvallis Oregon.

Senior Portraits


Celebrate the excitement as you close the door on your high school journey and open the next chapter in your life.

Pick a spot that is special to you and we’ll create photos that will bring a smile to your face every time you look back on them.

Graduating high school is such a pivotal moment in your life. It is when you leave home and start to discover who you are on your own. Senior portraits are just as unique to your family as they are to you. Your grandma loves looking at your baby pictures when you could fit in the palm of her hand. With senior photos, she gets to see how you matured into a beautiful young adult.

For you, it will always be a memory that you can look back on and remember the first time you started painting during your junior year or long car rides to nowhere for the fun of it. Having a photographer who knows who you are and what you care about will make the difference if your photos will mean something in 15 years or are just another photo in your collection.

Parents, you are proud of your child and all they have accomplished.  Let us help you show them off by creating stunning wall-mounted prints, canvases, or albums for you to display in your home. Give us a call to discuss all of your options.


Destination Photography and Videography


Transitions in Time is based in Benton County, and we also serve the surrounding areas of Eugene, Salem, Albany, and the Oregon Coast. Wedding or family photography and videography are unique to the family they are created for, so they could be at various destinations. We strive to meet you at your location, so you don’t have to compromise your perfect vision.

Sometimes you want that perfect tropical destination wedding in Hawaii, or somewhere on the East Coast, soaking up the stunning fall colors.  We are able to travel for these destination weddings which can be a huge relief to you.  Get to know your photographer here at your home town and even do an engagement shoot to shake the nerves off.  Then you can trust that we will show up at your destination, loaded with proper gear, and capture beautiful, no-stress wedding photos of you and your couple.  

Give us a call, and we’d be delighted to talk about it. 

Why We Are Different

Transitions in Time believes your photos should be hanging from the wall and displayed in beautiful heirloom albums. 

We scoured the wedding tradeshows and looked at all the wedding album manufacturers to find the very best one.  Albums are expensive and if you are paying that much money, you want to know that you are getting the best.  The quality of materials is outstanding and the pages look amazing.  

We have a variety of covers, page thicknesses, page glossiness, and colors to choose from.  We have spent thousands of dollars creating samples that we have in stock at our downtown Corvallis location so you can put your hands on them and pick exactly what you want.

Our artisans then craft the album page design to what you picked using your favorite photos.  All albums are then digitally proofed by you before going to press.  

You need to find a photographer that knows how to shoot for an album.  The end result is much better.

Shelf Wood
Shelf Wood
Shelf Wood

Award Winning In-House Prints

Most photographer’s simply give you a thumb drive and wish you good luck.  Or maybe they let you order some prints online through a lab on the other side of the country.  Usually the quality is not that great.

On the other hand, we are not only photographers, but printing and mounting experts.  We have our own large format printers in-house and can print in a variety of sizes up to 8 feet wide! We have entered and won multiple photography competitions with our prints.

Because we do it ourselves, we can 100% control the quality. If something is just not quite right, we throw it away and print again.  That way you can be confident you are getting the very best.  

Our prints are 100% archival and will last generations. Mounting options and Canvases are also available.

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Tell us your story. How can we provide value to you?


Read our FAQ here first. If these don’t answer your questions, then please Contact Us.

This is a very common feeling shared with many.  You don’t have to be a model to have a great picture taken of you.  Our approach starts with that in-person consultation where we can break the ice and get to know each other.  

We can assure you that your actual photoshoot will be not be full of commands and power poses. It will simply be a relaxed interaction between people.  While we certainly will notice an awkward pose, we do it in a gentle way and guide you to something more natural.

Our philosophy is to make your photoshoot the highlight of your week.  That way when you look at your photos on the wall, you remember what a great time you had.

We will do a slideshow reveal of your photos (to music), at our Downtown Corvallis location on our 75″ flat screen TV.  That way we can learn which photos you like and would be interested in printing or having in an album.  You can see our wall full of sample prints and table full of sample albums to help you decide on your next step.  

This is not a high pressure situation.  We are not going to destroy the pictures you don’t commit to printing.  While some photographers will do that, we won’t put profits in front of our reputation.  We are not selling time-shares!

If you are not happy with the images, you simply can decline to purchase any of them.

This depends on what you are purchasing of course.  We are certainly not the least expensive as we consider our service to be a premium service.  We back that up with premium products, exceptional quality, and white-glove service.

For Senior and Family photography, the sitting fee is $199. There is no further obligation to purchase after that if you are not happy with the shoot.  Products start at $99 for prints and $570 for albums.  Most families will spend around $1,500 to $2,000.

For Wedding Photography and Videography, prices start at $1699.  Most couples will spend between $2,500 and $6,000 including all the wall-art and albums.

We take check or credit cards.  

Having a mood board of poses that you like will help us. If you need help follow our Pinterest account for some inspiration. 

This is a common request.  When we deliver our final images, they will have a light retouch, color correction and cropping applied.  Any images that you print with us, or go in an album get more extensive retouching as part of the price.

Additional non-traditional retouching requests can be accommodated at an hourly rate. For example, changing the color of someone’s dress.  Or moving the Boutonnière from one side to another on every photo.

Depending on the shoot, we are happy to give you guidance on clothing and jewelry that will look timeless and not be a distraction.

We know that we are going to get a short window of time with the little ones to have a productive session and we will make the most of it.  Arriving early and getting gear set up before you show up, will maximize shooting time with the children.

We find that letting the kids occasionally run around a bit and burn off excess energy can be useful.