Embrace your Transitions in Time


Time.  A simple, yet profoundly complex concept.  We all only have so much of it.  You can’t buy more and you can’t predict when it has run its course.  Though you can make the most of the Time you have.

Celebrating life’s changes, these Transitions in Time, is what makes us uniquely human.  Looking back fondly on them through prints and albums brings joy to our life.  Seeing pictures of your family with a new member, celebrating the graduation of a once-small child, now entering adulthood, or witnessing the joining of two people in marriage will evoke many strong feelings of love and connection.

I have found through my 50+ years, that I could no longer just sit behind a desk and work at a computer.  Helping document your important memories and milestones in your life’s journey is much more fulfilling to me as a person, father, husband, and artist.  I have built this company and added incredible staff that share this vision of creating excellence.

Taking my extensive background in creative image processing, and combining it with an artistic “eye” behind the camera has allowed me to create this amazing company.  We are ready to help capture your fond future memories, and help you embrace your Transitions in Time.

Scott Kemp, Owner of Transitions in Time Photography

Quality is our trademark. We will not deliver a product until we are satisfied that it is our best work.

Stunning Photography

Not only can we capture the moment, but do it in an incredibly artistic way using years of experience and world class gear.

Compelling Videography

If our wedding video doesn’t bring a tear to your eye when revealed to you, we haven’t done our job.

Vibrant Prints

Our prints are completely done in-house on our large format printers where we control 100% of the quality.

Heirloom Albums

We use the highest quality album manufacturer that will last your a lifetime.

Technology Meets Art

Scott Kemp, the owner of Transitions In Time, has been involved with technology since he was 14 years old in the mid 1980s.  He went on to graduate with a computer science degree in 1992 from Oregon State University and has lived in Corvallis since then. He co-founded a software company called PenMetrics which was later sold to Trimble, He then started a company called Knife Edge Software which became a very successful software company that made flight simulators for model airplanes. 

In 2005, he then went on to build a luxurious Alaska fishing lodge in the wilderness (which is a story of its own) and really latched on to photography with a passion.

In order to promote the lodge he had to do his own photography of the Alaskan experience.  Regularly getting published in the local newspapers and web sites, he also sold his photography in the galleries of Ketchikan to the tourists that came in every summer.  He sold the lodge in 2012.

Back in Corvallis, he founded another company building software and selling toys during Christmas on Amazon.com.  He has now re-kindled his passion for photography but focuses more on people than landscapes.

Support Local Business

We are proud to be part of the Corvallis Chamber of Commerce as a local business!

About Transitions In Time

“The special moments between us are what define us.  I choose to be positive and uplifting to those around me.”

Scott Kemp – Owner

2019 State Fair

Voted Peoples Choice, Judges Choice Panorama, First Place B+W, 2nd Place Panorama

2018 Benton County Fair

Not only taking best of show for color photography, he earned a best of class for black and white photography.

2018 State Fair

Scott Kemp’s macro shot of his daughter’s bee hive earned one of 3 prestigous awards.

Discovery Channel

His viral video of hummingbirds (9+ million views) has been featured on the Discovery Channel.